The creation of

The creation of

Let's talk a bit about our team and what we do here.

First of all, we are engineering students at INSA Centre Val de Loire. We study security computing and we love innovating by creating various projects.

How the idea came out

Watching live streaming of famous gamers over Twitch and videos on Youtube, we found out that many viewers were constantly asking the creator about his setup and the components he use. That's why we decided to create a platform dedicated to share computer setups. The aim his not only to have famous streamers and youtubers gaming setups on the website but also battlestations and room setups which are inspirational for visitors seeking ideas.

The strength of

We try to have the better user experience we can. For example, we integrated a huge database of components where you can find pretty much everything you have. Secondly, we did a lot of integration to let you share easily any setup on Twitch in few clicks.

You want to know more about us ?

Follow this link to read our interview.

Published on 3 Jun 2017, 15:04 (GMT) by Corentin Mors