2000 setups on mySetup.co

2000 setups on mySetup.co

He we are ! Thanks to our community and of course you, dear reader, we have reached our 2000th setup posted here.

This 2018 was crazy, lot of new setups with incredible designs and high end components such as the latest NVIDIA RTX graphic cards !


What's up next ?

Well we hope 2019 will be even better. On our side we will be working on some fixes and enhancements of the UI mostly. Keep updating us on our bug tracker if you find something wrong like a security issue.

We would also like to add more interesting content on the website so stay tuned on our social networks !


And of course, happy new year ! We wish you all the best ;-)

Published on 7 Jan 2019, 17:32 (GMT) by Corentin Mors