Yet a new update for your eyes

Yet a new update for your eyes

After a few months without news, we are back to improve this awesome platform. We fixed lot of issues and add new functionnalities that we hope you'll like !


What changed in v3.6 ?

  • We switched our web host from Ikoula to OVH, the bill is now generously paid by Gaëtan Menat and Corentin Mors
  • We added Théa, our community manager to the team page
  • We fixed loads of UI and internal issues thanks to your feedback (like the Q&A page)
  • We improved our widget embed API to handle many setups within a same page
  • We updated to the latest dependencies and improved security (thanks again to @alicanact60 for its closed bug disclosure) 👍


What's new ?

  • Our Weekly Picks featuring the best setups of the week !
  • A new UI for selecting items for your setup
  • A better homepage when you're connected and have a setup
  • New logo in the menu teasing what's coming next...


About bugs and issues

You may encounter some bugs or glitches during your browsing.

Please, just report them back ! It's simple, you can either use Twitter (@mysetup_co) or Mastodon (, or the bug report at the bottom of the site ;)

Published on 15 Jan 2019, 18:05 (GMT) by Corentin Mors