A new major update for mySetup.co !

A new major update for mySetup.co !

What's new in v4.0 ?

- We made a notifications page so you can see all your notifications at once and mark as (un)read or delete them
- We put a search bar in the menu ! Search from every pages 😀
- We've added the website version in the footer, so anyone can see when we are lazy


What changed ?

- We've enhanced menu bar on mobile 🎉
- We moved the add setup form to a single page to prevent fails and simplify the user flow
- We made a new sitemap controller (bye bye Sitemap plugin) and divided it in multiple files
- We have change our developement workflow to build faster our assets using Node and Gulp
- ... and again, we made a lot of fixes and design enhancements


About bugs and issues

You may encounter some bugs or glitches during your browsing (#stillInBetaWebsite).

Please, just report them back ! It's simple, you can either use Twitter (@mysetup_co) or Mastodon (@mysetup_co@pcgamer.social), or the bug report at the bottom of the site ;)


Thanks to Niclas Illg, for his photo partly used in this blog post header.


Published on 28 Jul 2019, 14:33 (GMT) by Samuel FORESTIER