is closing
#edito is closing


First of all, thanks for having been a visitor or a user of 

We have worked a lot for the past 5 years to deliver a free service with no ads to help you share your computer / gaming setup.

Lately, multiple changes happened on Twitch side, which didn't help at all to make the integration of our service easy. Also, maintaining this has a cost. Firstly, it takes time to add new features and ensure everything is secure. Secondly, it also costs money to pay for the hosting, the domain...


All in all, we, Samuel & Corentin, are not motivated enough to keep going with this side project and we want to focus on our work and other projects.


It has been a pleasure to build and provide this service. The statistics we got with this website went above our expectations and we are super proud to went that far.

  • 9000 setups
  • 22000 users
  • 13000 images uploaded
  • 90000 products referenced


We will also release the source code of the website as open-source and provide a post-mortem landing page.


Upon ending of the website it will be possible to ask for access to your data until start of year 2023.


Thanks again and happy setupping,

Samuel & Corentin


Published on 3 Mar 2022, 13:15 (GMT) by Corentin Mors