The v2.0 is now live !

The v2.0 is now live !

After ~10 days of development, we merged to production the v2 of

New features

  • We've launched a brand new API, working with the Twitch's new EBS extension system. You'll find soon a tutorial to use it on your own channel !
  • You're now able to add your Twitch social link to your's profile
  • A new page has appeared : My Likes. A bit like the GitHub's Stars, you'll find there the setups you liked in the past !
  • You may now choose a "main setup" within your profile settings !


  • Some HTML errors we didn't notice
  • Some login problems randomly appearing... (Contact us A.S.A.P. if you are still concerned about that !)
  • For security reasons, you won't be able to change your email address. However, you can contact us if you need to.


  • Setups view page has been reworked
  • Setups modals has been reviewed
  • Users edit modal has been updated
  • We hope that you won't see them, but the 404 and the 503 pages have been completely changed
  • We added some optimizations for mobiles !

Development side

  • We improved our updates system to get you the next upcoming features on time
  • We reworked entirely the project architecture. Now it's faster and more stable, we may start coding some cool stuffs ;)
  • We changed the way the setups are fetched, you'll navigate smoothly through the home and the recent pages
  • Corentin has reworked our administration support, it'll be a pleasure to help you !

Of course, you might find one (or many ?) bug(s) during your navigation. Please, just report them back ! It's simple, you can either use Twitter (@mysetup_co) or Mastodon (, or the bug report at the bottom of the site ;)

Happy Setuping ! The HeadStaff

Published on 17 Oct 2017, 20:41 (GMT) by Samuel FORESTIER