v3.0, the road behind
#dev v3.0, the road behind

Since the v2, many things have changed. Take a break, and check with us what's new !

New features

  • Now your setups main color will be displayed on the indexes
  • The search functionality has been HIGHLY improved
  • The `Home` page has been reworked a lot. Now, random brands will be present and regroup different setups built upon them
  • The "active users" list will now be more accurate


  • Two bugs about the `main setup` feature have been fixed
  • A bug with the setups claiming will be fixed soon. Sorry for the inconvenience :-/
  • Plurals in strings will be fixed in v3.1 very soon... Finally :D


  • Well well, I think you must have seen it : The whole design has changed ! Feedbacks would be appreciated ;-)
  • The design has been unified too. It's one step further for our branding and graphical identity spreading.

Development side

  • We have decided to drop the `Popular` page. It would have been irrelevant with our new `Home` page
  • The whole front sources have been split ; It'll now be easier to find and fix bugs ;-)
  • Corentin has decided to migrate on SCSS. Assets are now cleaner and more tweak-able.
  • As for Geek Mexicain, this website is now free from any trackers and third-parties providers !

Still, you may encounter some bugs or glitches during your browsing.

Please, just report them back ! It's simple, you can either use Twitter (@mysetup_co) or Mastodon (, or the bug report at the bottom of the site ;)


This third version has been proposed on ProductHunt again. If you have an account there, be free to UpVote it ;-)


Happy Setuping !

The HeadStaff


Published on 2 Mar 2018, 15:56 (GMT) by Samuel FORESTIER