Official Twitch Extension and v3.1.0 update

Official Twitch Extension and v3.1.0 update

Hey there Twitch !

We are thrilled to announce that our first official extension is now available on the Twitch Marketplace.

From now, you are able to display your own setup under your stream in a few clicks !

Go to your extension dashboard and click on install. You'll just need to be logged in on with your Twitch account and have a setup.

v3.1.0 is a minor major update

Or major minor, as you want.

Since our release of the third version of the platform 2 weeks ago, we have improved and optimized our system to ensure you the best experience !

Here is the (exhaustive ?) changelog :

  • Speed up login process
  • Add color tiles to setups
  • Rework recent setups pages
  • Improve security and behavior of our APIs and third-parties connections
  • New partnership with leD√©nicheur, a French prices comparator service, they will now supply our products database for the French users among us !
  • New partnership with HardWakening, a French hardware and tech news website
  • New Twitch Official Extension (as announced above)
  • Assets have been bumped to their latest version
  • Add new and missing translations
  • Various fixes and optimizations

As usual, don't forget to report us any problem you may encounter as we changed many many things.

The HeadStaff


Published on 18 Mar 2018, 11:33 (GMT) by Samuel FORESTIER