v3.2.0... What ?! Already ?
#dev v3.2.0... What ?! Already ?

Since the v3.1.0 had been drafted, we have fixed some things, and improved others.

Here are the changes !


  • Improves loading time and average performances
  • You'll now be free from CAPTCHA for comments (it was actually a cancer)
  • Some emails will now be translated into your language !
  • New Twitch users will automatically get the link to their stream page set in their profile


  • Some security vulnerabilities have been patched
  • A bug with Twitch linking for existing accounts has been fixed
  • A bug with the search box on the 404 page has been fixed
  • A bug with profile edition from your likes pages has been fixed
  • A bug with missing featured images on recent page has been fixed
  • A bug with color extraction for some featured images has been fixed
  • A security vulnerability with Twitch integration and unpublished setups has been patched
  • Recent display glitches with Google Chrome 65+ have been fixed


  • We'll now be automatically alerted when you are not able to add one or many products to your setup
  • The database will now be regularly purged from old entries
  • Our getSetups API will now return the featured field of setups


  • The comment creation will now be located within a modal (as for their edition)
  • Setups "indicators" have been re-organized

The HeadStaff 

The blog post image has been taken from this setup, shared by frostedcaribou !

Published on 24 Mar 2018, 18:28 (GMT) by Samuel FORESTIER