Our Team


Corentin Mors

Corentin Mors: Student at INSA Centre Val de Loire, former president of Geek Mexicain and developer of various websites and tools. I've designed mySetup.co as long as its Twitch extension from scratch.

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Samuel Forestier

Samuel Forestier : Former treasurer and writer at Geek Mexicain, I manage a personal blog for many years now where you can find all my development activities about my projects. During some of my spare time, I handle system administration and back-end development of this website.

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Jeff Gbeho

Jeff Gbeho : Young graphic designer and illustrator based at Toulouse. I'm specialized in branding and illustration but I like to diversify by realizing projects such as typography, photography, web design, etc... I like challenges and finding solutions to problems through image.

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Romain Chevy

Romain Chevy : INSA student with the head-staff above, I'm a passionate of IT-hardware on my spare time. The Spanish translations you'll encounter here are mostly mine !



Anna : Engineering student in another school, I enjoy taking pictures of the world during my journeys around the globe. Italian translations come from me !

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Community Manager

Théa Forestier

Théa Forestier : Young girl helping her brother about some stuffs. I love capturing nature with my camera and listen to some classics.

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