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Vince, if you or Tin are reading this, I hope I didn’t let you down. This PC, while built as a tribute to my love of computers was also built to honor the mad science you have been creating for years. To you I say “hen hao” and “xie xie ni”.

I wanted to give a special thank you to Jinair on this site. He never directly helped me or anything, but his builds inspired me to make this, and I can't wait to finish this dual system craziness:) Thanks Jinair!

F – Fractal Design


N – Noctua

G – Gigabyte

G – G-Skill

P – Phanteks

C – Corsair

This PC is still not fully finished. There will be a second system going in this chassis powered by a HDPlex 400 once it gets back in stock. I’m super excited for that and will update the build once that happens!

UPCOMING UPGRADES - Mini ITX system running a 3700X and (maybe a 2060 super), Synology NAS, Monitor upgrades

If you folks have any questions feel free to ask. I'm always willing to help the PC Master Race!!!

I already know there will be questions regarding this so I’m going to answer some of these ahead of time:

“Why did you buy dual K|NGP|NS?” When I was younger, I remember looking through a PC magazine and seeing the 780 K|NGP|N in an ad. I thought it was so cool and I told myself that when I had completed some milestones in my job that I would buy one as a symbol that I had made it. Well I made those milestones, and I bought two because I’m very lucky to have a wife that read my mind?

“Are you crazy?” Of course I’m crazy. But hey, I’m also happy. Crazy and happy – I’m crappy.

“Why didn’t you just build a custom loop for all of this?” I will be undergoing a very large transition (cross continental move) in under a year and I was very apprehensive about building something like that and having it moved by someone who potentially doesn’t care about PCs. I did challenge myself to make this AIO setup somewhat visually appealing. It’s no Rembrandt, but I think it looks pretty nice given the circumstances.

"Why so many fans?" - This was more of a challenge to see the capabilities of the chassis. I'm happy to say that the system is pretty quiet (apart from benchmarking, then it sounds like a F-22 taking off). The fans were purchased more for their longevity (and they were the only black noctuas I could find at the time).

I’ve been interested in computers for so long. I used to watch my brother play Flight Commander and Doom. My mother was a big Wallpipe fan (shout out to those that remember Wallpipe lol). I wasn’t allowed to play as much, but when I did, it was strategy games and Pitfall. When I was 11, I wanted to play this game called “Total Annihilation”. I didn’t have enough space on my mom’s computer, but I found this really large file that I deleted to make room for my game. That “really large file” turned out to be a critical Windows boot file that bricked the computer. I’ve been working on computers ever since. My very first PC that I built had a FX 8350 at its core. It was a hilarious endeavor (if I have a picture I’ll post it) – I had no knowledge other than what I saw on some old Linus tech tips videos but I managed to build it and I was so happy.

Fast forward to today, and I’m using computers all the time. I work on computers as a network administrator. I go to school on my computer. Some of my favorite hobbies (AutoCAD, Music Creation, Gaming) are all on the computer. After reaching some milestones, I decided to build this computer. This was built to be a tribute to my love of PCs. It is my passion and one of my top loves next to my wife and child and I can’t wait to have fun with it!

I had two primary goals with building this: 1. Make the AIO setup somewhat visually appealing 2. Make something that on paper can’t be done

I went through three different PC cases before I picked the Luxe 2 (or 719 or whatever it’s called now). The O11 XL is a beautiful case, but it couldn’t fit the dual 240s needed for the KP cards (at least, not in a visually appealing way). I then took a look at some of the Thermaltake cases like the Level 20 VT and XT but the VT was too small for my motherboard and the XT was WAYYY too big. I stumbled upon the Luxe 2 and decided to go with that one.

I ran into a big problem though – the Luxe 2 will not fit dual 240s on the side area. Phanteks told me it wouldn’t fit. Reddit told me it wouldn’t fit. My measurements told me it wouldn’t fit. After a lot of thought I bought a Dremel and made it fit. I cut out some areas for the radiators to fit in a symmetric way and I think it turned out nice.

The rest of the build represents a lot of building then tearing down. It took me about three months from planning to finishing (and it’s still not finished yet). Cable management in this was not friendly at all. But I’m satisfied with the (somewhat) end product, and I hope you guys like it!

List of components

  • EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Kingpin HDMI 3xDP 11Go
  • EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Kingpin HDMI 3xDP 11Go
  • AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 3,5GHz Socket AM4 Box
  • Corsair Force Series MP600 1To
  • Phanteks Enthoo 719/Luxe 2 (Noir/Transparent)
  • Aorus X570 Xtreme


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