About this setup

The purpose of my setup is for music production and some gaming on the side. Overall, browsing the web, youtube, emails and etc.

This consists of.

AMD FX8350 Processor Supertalent Ram 8gb and 2 Blazing Memory 8gb sticks of Ram (third party ram) 2 (2TB Seagate Constellation Drives) 1 (120GB Crucial SSD) ASUS GTX 1070 8GB DUAL OC FAN Graphics Card Rosewill Internal SD Card Reader Corsair 550 watt PSU 3 NZXT Orange 120MM FAN and 1 80mm Insignia FAN Gigabyte 78 LMT USB 3 + Motherboard NZXT Vulkan Case

Modified on 8 Mar 2019, 07:28 (GMT)

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