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I've Wanted to build A Gaming PC since I was Hanging out with my friends in 5th grade playing the Original Americas Army & Counter Strike 1.6 . I've gamed since I was a young child when my Father Brought home The Sega Genesis the day it came out . ..Yet I've had the itch to always build A amazing game set up . This is mine that I get to share with you all everyday I stream and hangout with you . Its quite A amazing machine and That same best friend I started Gaming on PC's with back in high school....Well I drove to New York to see him and well it had been quite some time since we had seen one another . WE are brothers though and it instantly was just like back in the day hanging out .. We built this RIG together and gamed for and talked for a few days before I drove back To Indiana ...I got A amazing deal from A amazing Person @RaidZeroTv is the man .

Modified on 12 Jul 2018, 15:58 (GMT)

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